A Guide to the Best Cat Cafés in Tokyo: Purr-Fect Places for Feline Fun

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As a seasoned cat lover and a self-proclaimed cat expert, I embarked on a wonderful journey to the bustling streets of Tokyo, armed with my Japan Rail pass, a cup of coffee in one hand, and my undying love for cats.

Tokyo, the trend-setting city known for its high energy and fast pace, is home to a delightful culture of cat cafés that are equally as exciting. With my trusty feline companion, Foofi, by my side, I aimed to visit every cat café in the city during my travels. I ventured into the world of feline fun, where cats and humans coexist in harmony, each cat a rock star in their own right.

Understanding the Attraction of Cat Cafés in Tokyo

One might wonder what makes cat cafés so popular in Tokyo. For a small entrance fee (or sometimes just the cost of your order!), you get to interact with adorable cats of different breeds, offering an extraordinary experience.

It’s not just about the cats but also about the comforting ambiance, the delectable food and drinks, and the opportunity to unwind from the fast-paced life of Tokyo. For animal lovers like you and me, it’s a haven where we can indulge in a cup of coffee or tea and beer while enjoying the company of our furry friends.

The Concept and Popularity of Cat Cafés

The concept of cat cafés is simple yet fascinating. These cafés offer a unique space where cats and humans can interact in a relaxed environment. The popularity of these cafés has soared in recent years, not just amongst locals but also amongst tourists. For a small fee, one can feed the cats, creating a trail of kitties following them around, making the experience worth every penny.

How Cat Cafés Cater to Animal Lovers

Cat cafés in Tokyo are not just about providing a space for people to interact with cats. They go the extra mile to cater to animal lovers. From offering a variety of food and drinks, including delicious pasta and pastries, to creating a warm and welcoming environment, these cafés have truly mastered the art of catering to animal lovers. It’s no wonder they have become a top attraction for locals and tourists alike.

Your Must-Visit List of Best Cat Cafés in Tokyo

With the sheer number of cat cafés in Tokyo, deciding which ones to visit can be overwhelming. But worry not; as your resident cat expert, I have compiled a list of must-visit cat cafés in Tokyo. So, if you’re an animal lover like me or just a curious traveler, these cat cafés are worth a visit.

best cat cafe tokyo

1. Monta Café: Evaluated Best Overall

As a cat lover and enthusiast, I’ve visited numerous cat cafés in the bustling streets of Tokyo. However, Monta café, located on the 5th floor of Fuji Bldg, truly stands out as the best overall. It’s a paradise for both cats and humans, offering a purr-fect blend of sociability, playfulness, and beauty.

The entrance fee is a reasonable 200 yen, and for an additional 100 yen, you can enjoy a delightful cup of coffee or an array of tea and beer choices. The café also offers pasta, pastries, and other food and drinks, including espresso drinks, making it a perfect spot for a light meal.

The highlight, of course, is the cats—Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats, and more, each more adorable than the next. The cats are incredibly well cared for, and the staff, always ready to help, will even show you how to rub a cat’s abdomen correctly!

Experience at Monta café

My experience at Monta café was nothing short of amazing. The entrance fee, which covers both the human visitors and the cats’ welfare, felt like money well spent. The staff were attentive and knowledgeable, providing plenty of tips and guidance on interacting with the cats.

The drinks were delightful, with a wide selection of espresso drinks to choose from. The food was just okay, nothing really great. And, of course, the cats were the real stars of the show, each one more charming and playful than the last. I was particularly taken with a playful Bengal named Lili. It was truly a memorable experience in the heart of Tokyo, one that I highly recommend to any cat lover.

2. Temari no Ouchi: Considered Most Unique

In the world of cat cafés, Temari no Ouchi distinguishes itself with its unique concept and design. This cat café is located in the heart of Tokyo and offers a truly unique experience with its forest-like decor and fairy garden theme. It feels like stepping into a different world, one where cats rule, and humans are the guests.

The cats are as unique and charming as the decor, each exhibiting a distinct personality. The café offers hot and cold drinks and even a small cocktail menu for those wanting to unwind with some alcohol. The entrance fee is slightly higher than most other cat cafés, but the experience is well worth it.

Experience at Temari no Ouchi

The enchanting decor and the playful, sociable cats made my visit to Temari no Ouchi truly memorable. Unlike many cat cafés I’ve visited, this one truly feels like a haven for cats. I spent a delightful hour here, sipping a hot beverage and watching the cats play and lounge in their little fairy garden. It’s a must-visit for any cat lover looking for a unique experience.

3. Café Nekorobi’s Warmth: Hailed for Friendliest Staff

Located in Toshima, Café Nekorobi is renowned for its friendly staff and joyful atmosphere. A cat café with a warm heart, it welcomes everyone with an entrance fee of 900 yen for 30 minutes, which includes unlimited free drinks from a coffee maker.

The staff is passionate and attentive, guiding visitors in interacting with the cats and showing genuine care for these adorable feline companions. The cats are active and love to play, making it a great place for a fun and engaging outing. Plus, there’s nothing quite like sipping on a yummy cup of coffee while cuddling up with a friendly cat.

Experience at Nekorobi’s Warmth

My visit to Nekorobi’s Warmth was a delightful experience. Entering the café, I was greeted by a warm and friendly host. The entry fee was 900 yen, which I found reasonable considering the unlimited free drinks from a coffee machine. The accommodating staff made sure that my time there was delightful. Their warmth is not just a part of their name but is reflected in the entire atmosphere of the café.

best cat cafe tokyo

4. Cat Café Nyankoto: Loved for Friendliest Feline Companions

Nyankoto Cat Café is a charming spot that’s loved for its friendly feline companions. It is located in the heart of Tokyo, making it easily accessible via the Tokyo Metro. The café features a homely layout, decorated to resemble a typical Japanese home. The smaller scale of this café allows the host to ensure visitors are having a lovely time, making it more of a local favorite than a tourist trap.

Experience at Nyankoto

The experience at Nyankoto was indeed soothing. The cats were friendly and hospitable, making me feel at ease instantly. The cozy corners and blankets allowed me to sit on the floor and play with the cats, almost as if they were my own. The homely environment and the friendly cats made my visit to Nyankoto a truly memorable experience.

5. Café 299: Delighting With a Relaxing Ambiance

Café 299 is another must-visit spot on my list. This cat café delights with its relaxing ambiance. It’s a trend-setting spot that merges the latest culture with an unparalleled love for felines.

You can easily book your visit to café 299 online, making it a convenient choice for locals and tourists. It’s not just about the cats but also about the unique experiences that this café has to offer.

Experience at Café 299

My experience at café 299 was nothing short of delightful. The high-energy atmosphere was a pleasant surprise, and the cats were absolute rock stars. Each one had its unique charm and playfulness, making my visit unforgettable. The staff was amiable and ensured a pleasant stay for every visitor. I can’t wait to visit again and spend more time with these adorable furballs.

6. Mocha Lounge Ikebukuro: Extraordinarily Luxurious Experience

In my numerous jaunts around Tokyo, I’ve had the privilege of visiting many cat cafés, but Mocha Lounge Ikebukuro has a certain je ne sais quoi that sets it apart. This cat café, also known as Neko Café MoCHA, is a veritable sanctuary for cat lovers. Its modern decor and calming palette of neutral tones create a soothing ambiance that is hard to match. The cats love it, too, with plenty of comfortable perches and hiding spots to keep them content.

Experience at Mocha Lounge

The experience at Mocha Lounge is a truly unique one. The entry fee, a small price to pay for the joy of spending time with these feline companions, also grants you access to unlimited tea and coffee.

The café has feeding times at 10:30 am and 7:30 pm when the cats line up to munch their biscuits—a charming spectacle that always makes for a wonderful photo opportunity. For an additional cost, you can purchase cat treats to delight your favorite felines. My cat Foofi would have certainly relished these treats!

best cat cafe tokyo

Beyond Cat Cafés: Other Unique Animal and Pet cafés in Tokyo

If you’re like me and have explored the best cat cafés in Tokyo, like Monta or Temari no Ouchi, you might wonder what Tokyo offers other animal cafés.

These animal cafés, much like the cat cafés, offer an escape from the fast-paced city life, a chance to interact with different animals and enjoy a unique experience. Trust me, as someone who’s traveled to Tokyo and visited a dozen cat cafés, these other animal cafés are just as extraordinary, if not more!

Dog Heart from Aquamarine: A Haven for Dog Lovers

Let me take you first to Dog Heart from Aquamarine. Located just a short walk from the south exit of Yoyogi Park, this dog café, much like the cat cafés, charges a small fee of around a thousand yen for 30 minutes. But for a dog lover like me, it’s worth every yen! The friendly dogs, ready to greet you with wagging tails, are a refreshing change from the cat cafés of Shinjuku or Shibuya.

Kotori Café Ueno: A Bird Paradise in the Heart of Tokyo

Next up on my list of Tokyo’s best animal cafés is the Kotori café Ueno. This bird café is located on the sixth floor of a building close to Ueno Park. As you step in, birds chirping welcome you to a paradise in the city’s heart. Much like the cat cafés, the Kotori café offers space for the birds to fly around and for visitors to interact with them.


As I close this guide, I can’t help but feel a sense of joy knowing I’ve shared some of my favorite places in Tokyo with you. These cat cafés, brimming with gorgeous cats, are not just establishments but havens for feline enthusiasts like us. Each café provides a unique blend of human-animal interaction, relaxation, and entertainment that leaves a lasting impression.

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